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  • Our Mission and Objectives

    CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium –
    key player with high reputation in driving C-ITS developments and assisting to achieve vision zero

    The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium (C2C-CC) aims at assisting towards accident free traffic (vision zero) at the earliest possible date. It further aims at supporting the highest safety level at improved traffic efficiency anywhere, anytime at the lowest cost to the end user and the environment. While working on solutions supporting all driving levels from manual to fully automated it considers specific needs of stakeholders, types of vehicles and users. The C2C-CC contributes to the development and specification of robust and reliable solutions that allow for a continuous and seamless evolution of required functionalities. It enables technologies driven by innovation and competition, thereby fostering concepts of cooperation between the road users and with the road infrastructure. This is based on sharing information, awareness, perception and intentions while focusing on tactical level and considering strategic and planning level as required.

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    Latest News

    Report on status and timeline on the implementation of the central elements defined through the EU Certificate & Security policy.

    The slides...

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    REWARD 2020 for Volkswagen Local Hazard Warning

    Volkswagen Local Hazard Warning is a system that uses short-range communication between cars, and...

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